Microsoft 365 provides more business-friendly packages. Instead of putting together a complex tangle of services on your own, you can simply choose the right Microsoft 365 package for your company.

Windows and O365 are Combined

Microsoft 365 is essentially a combination of traditional Windows software with newer, more enterprise-oriented Office 365 services so that companies get both at the same time. Inside this package, you get both Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise, software and services ready to work together right out of the box, with no need to mix and match Microsoft products until you get what you want.

Windows Software Gets 365 Benefits

The convergence of Office 365 Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise is mostly good news for Windows 10 – Office 365 isn’t changing much except for the rebranding efforts, but compatibility and security are now easier to understand and use with traditional Windows documents. The AI and encryption features of O365 will apply throughout the Windows system: Any toolkits that developers or companies use to manage their systems are now more universal, allowing companies greater freedom in deciding what apps to use and how to share data across the system. Management should also become easier as key administrator decisions will automatically affect all apps and services throughout the company, without the need to stop and coordinate.

Your Mobile Devices are Covered, Too

Many companies are currently at a juncture where they are deciding how much to invest in mobile, and how mobile centric they need to be in the coming years. The need to “be more mobile” is being recognised in varying ways, but it can be a challenge to find the right services that can manage mobile and desktop services at the same time with appropriate security. The third part of Microsoft 365 is Enterprise Mobile + Security, which extends all these benefits throughout a mobile framework, including network security.

You Get a Choice of Plans

Microsoft has also broken M365 down into several different plan choices. For the primary Enterprise offering, there is an E3 and an E5 package available: the only difference is that E5 includes a few extra services for Enterprise that may still be wedded to older systems, like Cloud PBX capabilities, more thorough Threat Intelligence services and more Azure data management.

However, Microsoft is also offering a second option called Microsoft 365 Business. Business is essentially a smaller package with fewer licensing options that is designed specifically for small and mid-sized companies instead of larger businesses. It’s only intended for companies with up to 300 users and offers the same “everything on every device” concept, but with simplified features and services. It’s especially useful if your IT department is highly concentrated and one administrator can be reasonably expected to manage data for the whole company.

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