CITRIX ON AZURE                

Reduce IT costs and increase efficiency with secure cloud
solutions on Microsoft Azure

From deploying Windows 10 desktops and managing Windows apps to moving full virtualisation workloads, Citrix cloud solutions are secure, fast to deploy and easy to manage on Azure – the reliable, hyper-scalable enterprise-grade cloud.

Accelerating your digital transformation with Citrix virtualisation

Put an end to having hardware budgets that make scaling slow and expensive, along with the burdens of infrastructure management. Citrix and Azure make it easy to move your apps and virtual workstations to the cloud and enjoy all of the benefits Azure offers, including only paying for what you use and the ability to scale quickly and cost-effectively.

Citrix technology along with Microsoft allows you to meet the demands of your growing workforce by utilising your existing XenDesktop site to provision apps and desktops on Azure. Extend Azure infrastructure to offer file sync and sharing with ShareFile, and add NetScaler to increase the efficiency of your cloud-based network deployment. You can also choose a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) model through Citrix Cloud on Azure—the simplest and fastest way to deploy and manage Citrix technology.

VDI with Citrix Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Citrix leverages Microsoft investments in Azure and Remote Desktop Services to enable Citrix Cloud, the fastest and most flexible approach to deploying Citrix technology. Citrix Cloud simplifies how customers deploy VDI, virtual apps, desktops, and complete Citrix workspaces on one or more Azure-based resource locations.

Deploy XenApp and XenDesktop workloads in Azure

When deployed on Microsoft Azure, XenApp and XenDesktop give IT departments the flexibility of delivering Enterprise-class VDI infrastructure services for Windows applications and desktops with the benefits of cloud elasticity. The Azure platform enables IT to expand and contract computing resources on-demand. This elasticity simplifies management and reduces costs as customers only pay for what they use.

This VDI solution brings you all the benefits of a traditional Citrix application delivery solution combined with the simplified deployment and lower cost associated with utilisation of the Microsoft Azure cloud services.

NetScaler on Microsoft Azure

Organisations rely on Microsoft cloud services for a broad array of business applications, from inventory and customer relations to collaborative work tools. Citrix NetScaler is the perfect delivery solution for your Microsoft applications.

Flexible ShareFile data storage on Azure

Manage data on premises, in Citrix-managed secure cloud storage, or choose a hybrid solution to meet your needs for data sovereignty, compliance, performance and cost. ShareFile on Microsoft Azure expands customer deployment options by enabling them to store data in Microsoft-hosted worldwide data centres.

For more information about how to simplify management for both on premise and cloud based Citrix environments on Microsoft Azure Cloud, contact CDW today.