UAE Data Storage Benchmark

Are Technology leaders getting their arms around big data?

Sponsored by CDW and VAST

(Offline copy available for download – See below)

Benchmark Survey

What you need to know

This is the world’s first – VAST and CDW working together to provide our most valued customers an opportunity to enter into a unique benchmark.

All participants that complete the benchmark questions will receive a report, not only playing back the results and trends across the UAE for data storage, but also how you benchmark against others. Ranking you amongst your industry peers.

Much of the data and insights we rely on for industry trends are from outside of the region. This benchmark aims to provide you reliable data points that are relevant and current.

This is aimed at technology leaders, data engineers / scientists and business leaders that rely on data e.g., Researchers, Content Producers and Service Providers.

Yes, the survey has been designed and run by an independent advisor who will maintain confidentiality of any sensitive data that may be shared. In other words, you can choose to keep your individual responses confidential.

Yes. Everyone that completes the benchmark will receive a copy of our final analysis and report. A select number of you will receive a personalised report that shows your relative ranking that outlines how far up / down you are on specific areas of interest.

A copy of the benchmark form is available here so that you can fill it in off-line and email it. 

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