Realizing the Power of Virtual Care

Technology that connects care providers and patients can deliver better healthcare outcomes.
Healthcare organizations expanded virtual care in 2020 at an astounding rate, allowing them to continue caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in ways that addressed safety, convenience and efficiency.  Virtual Care Advances and Evolves: In the process, many providers assembled disparate, disconnected solutions and technology that created silos, inconsistent and poor workflows, and less-than-optimal protections for privacy and security. The challenge for providers now is to knit those hastily erected, crisis-driven systems into a cohesive, intentional and strategic platform to provide exceptional virtual care to their patients.There are compelling reasons for healthcare technology leaders to refine the IT infrastructure that supports virtual care. Chief among them is that virtual care is poised to become highly competitive, thanks to its effectiveness and efficiency for the provider and its convenience for the patient. Providers that can deliver a high-quality digital experience will position themselves as front-runners for both consumers and caregiver talent.


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