CDW MEA & Apple

Premier Foods and CDW have a longstanding relationship and have worked together to achieve cloud migration and other transformational IT projects.

CDW MEA & Apple


  • After years of continuous growth, CDW lacked consistency across its tech estate and its IT team were kept busy and incurring escalating costs. 
  • These costs came from regularly replacing and refreshing its coworkers’ technology – including its estate of Apple iPhone 7 company devices. 
  • The company also wanted to ensure any legacy technology was being handled ethically and sustainably.


  • CDW replaced all its coworkers’ legacy iPhone 7 mobile phone estate with 850 new corporate 128GB iPhone 12s, by utilising Apple Financial Services on a 2-year refresh cycle.
  • To manage the process while stay-at-home measures were in place, the company developed and implemented a new intelligent automation tracking system to distribute new devices and retrieve used ones.
  • Seamless device management achieved by utilising a Mobile Device Management toolset which allowed CDW to centrally configure the phones.
  • A number of legacy devices were donated to charities with ties to the communities CDW serves, and the remainder were sold for £18,600 which CDW donated directly to the largest children’s charity, Barnado’s.


  • The new 2-year refresh cycle resulted in a 27% cost-saving versus buying upfront.
  • MDM toolset saved time and ensured security by centrally managing the configuration of all devices.
  • The used devices were saved from landfill and were instead refurbished and recycled with Re-Tek.
  • The sale of the used devices generated £18,600 which was donated directly to Barnado’s.
  • CDW coworkers are delighted with the quality and reliability of the new Apple iPhone 12 devices and appreciate their help in enabling effective flexible working.
We've been able to do for ourselves what we do for our customers on a day-to-day basis. Reducing the cost of ownership, contributing to our social responsibility, and improving coworker satisfaction – in the current climate, these are strategic focuses areas for us and for all our customers.

Paul Stone

Service Improvement Manager, Premier Foods

Technology Partner