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Microsoft builds best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. With that game plan, they hope to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

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 Microsoft and the Modern Workplace

    • To deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment, Microsoft must maintain a responsive, modern workplace. See how using Microsoft 365 can help you achieve more. Read More

Make The Shift to Windows 10

  • Make the shift to a modern PC with Windows 10, Intel® vPro™ & Microsoft Office 365. Read More

 Meet the Microsoft Surface Family

    • From desk and conference room to home office or coffee shop, the ground-breaking Microsoft Surface Family provides a device to suit all working styles, because you need technology that can keep up with you. Read More

Microsoft 365 is the Future of Windows

  • Microsoft 365 provides more business-friendly packages. Instead of putting together a complex tangle of services on your own, you can simply choose the right Microsoft 365 package for your company. Read More

Enabling the modern workplace with Microsoft 365

    • Creating a modern workplace is one area where businesses can drive company wide transformation. Inspiring employees, engaging customers, optimising operations, and changing the very nature of the company’s products, services, and business models. Read More

Citrix on Azure Platform

  • From deploying Windows 10 desktops and managing Windows apps to moving full virtualisation workloads, Citrix cloud solutions are secure, fast to deploy and easy to manage on Azure – the reliable, hyper-scalable enterprise-grade cloud. Read More

A Practical Guide: An Infrastructure in the Cloud

    • Learn why it’s increasingly vital that as cloud computing matures, enterprise IT decision-makers understand the potential advantages of utilising IaaS solutions, such as Microsoft Azure. Download

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